Thursday, March 21, 2013

Your Vote: The other investment in your life!

It’s campaign season. And that means it’s time for “poli – ticking”.

No doubt, you will be approached by someone who will ask you for your vote, they may ask you to volunteer for their campaign, and they may even ask you for a donation. Now I’m not going to attempt to try to persuade anyone to vote one way or the other. I’m simply going to ask that you evaluate your vote.

Yes, Evaluate Your Vote.

There are three things that I always ask people to invest when I am pushing a cause I want them to join: their Talent, their Time, and their Treasure (if you read my column in the latest newsletter from the Chamber, you would see the running theme…but I digress).  All three “T’s” are examples of your investments. And what do you expect from your investments – a return.

A return on your investments is a perfectly reasonable demand.


The company I work for invest a check into my bank account (roughly, every two weeks). Therefore, they expect a return on that in the form of my time and my talent.

I invest my time and my talent into the company I work for. Therefore, I expect a return on that in the form of a check (roughly, every two weeks).

Both parties end up with Value Added (see my last blog post here) – which is the ultimate goal. I add to the companies bottom line, they add to mine, we both are happy.

You see how investing works. It’s called the Law of Reciprocity. Even Jesus (yeah, I just referenced Jesus) expects a return on investment….and it’s not like he needs the money – read Matthew 25.

Your VOTE is your investment into leadership. And after a certain time of casting your vote for that leader, the return should yield that which adds value. Whether that value is in the form of better roads, better schools, better communities, and for you personally, a better life. No one should ever ask you to vote for them (follow them), and that person not add value!  That’s not what Jesus would do! (aka “TNWJWD!”)

So the question floats: has the leadership you have repeatedly voted for added value and brought about tangible changes to your community, your city, and even your life?

Please, answer the question!

(fyi…there will be a follow up to this post within the next two weeks and I’ll go ahead and give you the title of it – “At Some Point, I, The Follower, Should Look Like Who I’m Following”)…..small clue, I’m going to reference that Jesus guy again…

Be The Difference,

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

In 2013.....ADD VALUE

I don't believe in New Year's resolutions. If there is something you need to do in life, just do it. But if there is one thing you want to do in 2013 that you didn't do in 2012, make sure you ADD VALUE.

To your family, add value.
To your job, add value.
To your community, add value.

To whatever/whomever you may be associated with, apart of,  or come in contact with, find every way possible to add value. When organizations/people come into contact with you, the "stock" of those organizations/people should go up. If it goes down because of you, find out what the problem is (with you), and either one or two things will need to happen:

1. You will need to detach from that organization/person (because sometime separation maybe necessary for both parties involved). Or,
2. You will correct the problem and add value to that organization/person.

But you will be either one or two people in 2013 and beyond; either a person who adds value, or a person who takes it away.

You choose.....

Happy New Year,

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Something of Great Significance....

Just thought I would share something I consider to be of great significance.....and the artistry of Peter Lee Johnson is of great least to me..


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Books I Recommend (Part 2): For The Kids

Yesterday I had the great privilege of reading to my daughter's 1st Grade class. I had asked the teacher earlier if I had to supply the book or did she have a particular book she wanted me to read. She left the choice up to me, as long as it was Christmas themed. Needless to say, I had to get my nerves up for this one. Last month I spoke to 300+ high school students at my alma mater (Osceola High), and I wasn't nearly as nervous for that as  I was to speaking to my daughter's class of less than 20 - (a classroom full of 1st graders can be very intimidating).

So I ventured off to Turnrow Bookstore (conveniently located down the street from the Hotel) and asked Jamie (Proprietor) for a recommendation. Jamie takes me up to the 2nd floor and if you ever been to Turnrow, you know that the 2nd Floor is an "academic" version of Toys R Us. They have everything possible to enhance your child's learning experience (they have some nice toys too). Jamie showed me the book "Pete The Cat Saves Christmas"..... it was perfect!

The book was an easy read and focused on "giving your all" and the kids were more than into it. Later on in the day I asked Anna how I did (I think that's the reason why I was so nervous....she can be a tough critic when she wants to). She said I did great and to say that I was relieved would be an understatement.

A special thanks to Jamie and The Turnrow Bookstore Family for always answering my literary needs.....